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J. Featherstone Brand Launch Party

April 23, 2014 will be a day to remember. It was the day I officially launch my personal brand. I showcased my talent, my products to my brand Jamal Featherstone. The products of Jamal Featherstone ranged from Hand Painted Apparel, Photography, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Editorial Videos.

During the launch I shared a part of me that communicated what my brand Jamal Featherstone, is about. I expressed to stay true to yourself. I want my brand to communicate be yourself by all means and embrace who you are. Through all my talents I stayed true to who I am, sticked to my guts, and expressed that I'm a hard worker and creative individual who loves the arts and fashion.

The launch was a big accomplishment for me because it was a lot of work and time, but a huge success.

I have to thank my friends from Aggie Livewire (The official pep squad at North Carolina A&T State University) they are always supportive of my dreams and I appreciate them deeply. I have to thank my mother for her help as well she did a great job catering my launch party. Also, have to shout out Kariana Taylor, she created the video for my launch I really appreciate her capturing and doing a report on my show. Lastly, I have to thank my best friend Kendell Higgs for being a great supporter who helped me tremendously on my launch and being the hosted of my show. Thank you all this is the beginning of Jamal Featherstone, more is coming to you very soon. And on that note remember to be you, no else, set goals, and follow your dreams.

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