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J. Featherstone Production Interview

WOW! Today makes it a year since I launch my own brand Jamal Featherstone (J. Featherstone) Production. Never would I thought I would do something like this, I never saw my self as an Entrepreneur, well an #Artentrepreneur. I always saw myself just getting a degree and working under someone else, well thats what I thought, but the real me deep inside knew I was so much more than I thought. I had my own visions and was tremendously blessed with serval gifts from God, and a desire to help people and make people look good. I really have to give thanks to my family for supporting me and allowing me to follow my dream. Also my friends really family for helping and planting this vision in my head Indigo Smith Metellus​, who will my be my future accountant as we continue to grow, lol and Kendell Higgs​, who is my business partner as my creative director, which is always pushing me to my limits. Also, my mentors Xavier Carrington and Ms. McClinton, from observing how they run their businesses. And to everyone else who supported me every time and said they admire what I'm doing and that I inspired them.

This year was a great year for J. Featherstone Productions my clientele has grown and we have done multiple projects, that I was not expecting. Right now J. Productions is part time because I am a full time student, but once I finish and complete my M.S. we will be Full Time. I want J. Featherstone Productions to be more then an empire I want it to be a Dynasty that will help my family and friends in the future down the road. Thank you all again for the support. Stay tune for Part II of J. Productions!!!

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